The Best Way To Avoid A DWI Conviction

Nobody wants a DWI on their record. This is one of those offenses that can stop you from holding certain jobs, and it's also a crime that can follow you as a driver. If you are thinking about fighting DWI charges, you are smart to do so. These tips are sure to help you fight a DWI and potentially avoid having this charge in your background. Stay Quiet No matter what happens, take advantage of your right to remain silent.

4 Things You Need To Know About The Traditional Probate Process

If you're like most people, you probably already know that probate refers to the process of debts and assets left behind following the death of a loved one. You may also already be aware that even simple wills can involve somewhat lengthy probate processes. However, unless you have specifically dealt with probate court before, you may be in for several surprises. Following are four things that you need to know about probate.

What To Do If Your Teen Is Arrested For Shoplifting

Suddenly finding out that your teen has been arrested for theft at a local retail store can come as quite a shock to most parents. With that said, your teen still has the right to legal representation. It's true that you may want to have a sit down discussion with your teen about their behavior in the near future, but your short-term focus should be making sure your teen is given the right advice if they are going to end up in court.

Things To Assess Before You Attempt A Citizen's Arrest

Wanting to make a citizen's arrest on someone who appears to be breaking the law is often noble—but you need to be sure about what is happening before you jump into action. Some citizen's arrest scenarios can turn out badly for both parties and potentially lead to you facing a charge of assault and battery for forcefully detaining someone and perhaps even hurting him or her. This risk doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't intervene if you believe that there's a need, but you need to be extremely cautious before you get involved.

Accused Of Domestic Violence By An Adult Child? Here Are Some Arguments To Make

Domestic violence can extend beyond physical altercations between you and your intimate partner. Any type of violence against anyone who lives under your roof can potentially lead to a domestic violence arrest, and that includes if you have an adult child who still lives at home. If you've been in an altercation with the child and he or she has called the police, it's possible for you to face domestic violence charges.