A Few Myths About Expungements

Criminal charges and convictions can have devastating consequences on a person's life. For individuals that have criminal charges or convictions on their records, it may be beneficial to learn more about expungement so that they will understand whether this is an option for their situation. Myth: News Articles About Expunged Cases Will Have To Be Removed Many people that are charged with crimes will find that there are ample news articles produced about their trial and the crime.

Custody With Unmarried Parents: What You Need To Know

Child custody is a touchy and complicated topic in the most straightforward circumstances. In cases where the parents are not married, it can become even more complex to manage. Many circumstances like this result in the mother gaining custody of the children, leaving the father having to pursue custody if he chooses to do so. The following are some general guidelines regarding child custody when the parents never married: The Rights of the Mother

What To Do If You Have Been Accused Of A Sex Crime

It can be startling to be falsely accused of a sex crime, but it is important to make sure that you are taking immediate action. Without taking the proper steps, you may have a very hard time walking away from this situation without a criminal record following you wherever you go. To ensue you are doing the best you can, you will want to make use of the following advice.

4 Tips For Getting Through An Arrest

If you're in the situation of getting arrested, this can be a devastating time in life for you. You may feel extremely scared and unsure of what to do. However, you can get through this situation with less stress and more ease when you know certain tips to assist you. Paying close attention to these tips can be the key to feeling better through this trying time. Tip #1: Respond to the officer

FAQs About An Aggravated DUI

In some states, you could potentially face a charge of aggravated driving under the influence or DUI. The punishments for this charge are often harsher and could have a longer lasting effect on your life. Here is what you need to know about the offense if you have been charged with it: What Makes a DUI an Aggravated Offense? An aggravated DUI simply means that there was a factor that led to the circumstances being considered more serious than a regular DUI.