What To Do If Your Teen Is Arrested For Shoplifting

Suddenly finding out that your teen has been arrested for theft at a local retail store can come as quite a shock to most parents. With that said, your teen still has the right to legal representation. It's true that you may want to have a sit down discussion with your teen about their behavior in the near future, but your short-term focus should be making sure your teen is given the right advice if they are going to end up in court.

Things To Assess Before You Attempt A Citizen's Arrest

Wanting to make a citizen's arrest on someone who appears to be breaking the law is often noble—but you need to be sure about what is happening before you jump into action. Some citizen's arrest scenarios can turn out badly for both parties and potentially lead to you facing a charge of assault and battery for forcefully detaining someone and perhaps even hurting him or her. This risk doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't intervene if you believe that there's a need, but you need to be extremely cautious before you get involved.

Accused Of Domestic Violence By An Adult Child? Here Are Some Arguments To Make

Domestic violence can extend beyond physical altercations between you and your intimate partner. Any type of violence against anyone who lives under your roof can potentially lead to a domestic violence arrest, and that includes if you have an adult child who still lives at home. If you've been in an altercation with the child and he or she has called the police, it's possible for you to face domestic violence charges.

Taking Care Of Retirement While Getting Divorced

You might not automatically connect divorce with retirement planning, but divorce presents people with at least two unusual opportunities. After all, if you know you are bound for a divorce, then it only makes sense to get all you can as a result. Divorce can represent a diminishing of financial resources for some, but if you know about these two retirement issues, you can emerge from it with a nice nest egg.

Hear The Cops Are Looking For You With A Warrant? How To Act Responsibly To Improve Your Case

If you have heard that there is a warrant out for your arrest and that the police are looking for you, acting responsibly and fast is the best thing that you can do. If you know that you have to turn yourself in, or what the issue is that you are dealing with, you want to consult a legal professional. Here are some of the things that you should do while you make the plan to turn yourself in and as you prepare for the best results.