Key Reasons To Retain A Drug Crimes Lawyer After Your Arrest

When you have been arrested on drug charges, you could face serious penalties that can take away your freedom and result in you paying expensive civil fines. You also may have to register as a drug offender and lose your current job or have difficulty finding future employment. 

You do not want the charges to ruin your life, let alone result in you having to spend time in prison. Rather than take your chances alone before a judge or jury, you have the right to hire a local and assertive drug crime lawyer after your arrest.

Proving Your Innocence

You may be entirely innocent of the crime for which you have been arrested. In fact, someone else in the car or home with you at the time may be the rightful owner of any drugs that were found.

You can tell the judge or jury you are innocent when you have one of the experienced drug crimes lawyers representing you. Your attorney can build a case and make a solid argument to the court about why you are innocent. They may also obtain testimony from people who were in the car or home at the time of your arrest and who can swear under oath that you are not guilty. 

Your attorney may be able to persuade the court to drop the charges against you. You may be able to go back to your normal life with few, if any, penalties from your arrest.

Striking a Bargain

Drug crime lawyers are also adept at bargaining down charges against clients, particularly clients who have few or no prior drug or criminal offenses on their records. If you have an otherwise clean record, you can ask your attorney representing you to see about having the charges reduced. You may have a felony dropped to a misdemeanor or a misdemeanor reduced to the lowest level possible. You may only get a fine or community service because you hired a drug crime lawyer to represent and negotiate for you.

Experienced drug crime lawyers can provide a host of valuable legal services to you after you have been arrested on drug charges. Your attorney may be able to find out who owned the drugs and argue that you had no part in the offense. Your attorney may also be able to negotiate with the court or prosecutor to get charges against you reduced to the lowest possible level. Keep these tips in mind when looking for drug crime lawyers near you.