What You Should Do If You Want to Divorce Your Abusive Spouse?

When people are in abusive relationships, others wonder why they just do not leave them. Unfortunately, it is not easy to leave an abusive relationship. The abusive spouse might threaten to harm the other one and might stalk them. If you are in a relationship like this and want to get divorced, here are several things you can do to break free from the relationship.

Leave the Home with the Kids

If your spouse hurts you, it is vital to leave the residence. You should not stay somewhere that is not safe, especially if you have children. One essential thing to know is that you should not leave your kids at the house if you leave. If you leave them, you might be posing risks to their safety. Additionally, if you leave your kids with your abusive spouse, it might harm your chances of getting custody of them during your divorce.

Visit a Divorce Lawyer

Next, you will need to find a divorce attorney to help you initiate a divorce case against your spouse. When you make an appointment with a divorce lawyer, tell them about the abuse. Many spouses are embarrassed to reveal the true details of the story, but it is helpful to a lawyer if you tell the truth. Your lawyer can help you find a way to protect yourself and your children while proceeding with the divorce.

File a Protective Order

The lawyer might recommend filing a protective order as a step of protection. A protective order might not stop your spouse from coming near you, but it gives you protection and rights. If your spouse violates the order, you can call the police to have them arrest your spouse.

Consider Criminal Charges

You might not want to file criminal charges against your spouse for the abuse, but you should discuss this option with your lawyer. If you do not hold your spouse accountable for these actions, they might be more likely to repeat them to you or someone else. Your divorce lawyer can explain how this works and give you advice if you have questions or concerns.

Pursue the Divorce

If you start the divorce process against your abusive spouse, continue with it until you complete the process. It might take six months or longer, but it will eventually be over. If you have questions or need help, contact divorce attorney services in your city.