Potential Grounds for a Criminal Case Mistrial

A criminal case mistrial occurs when the case is terminated before it can reach its natural conclusion. Therefore, if your trial ends in a mistrial, it means that you have neither been found guilty nor acquitted. Several things can lead to a mistrial; here are four of them: Incorrect Jury Selection Selected jurors should be able to understand what is going on in the courtroom and deliver an impartial decision based on the court's proceedings.

What You Should Know About Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

Thanks to a plethora of software and how-to guides on the Internet and elsewhere, you can make your own home repairs, fix your own car, and even prepare your taxes. But what about creating your own estate plan? DIY estate planning has become popular with many people who want to avoid attorney's fees and other costs associated with planning their own estate. But planning your estate without the help of a probate attorney may not always be the best solution.