4 Problems That Arise From Not Paying Your Speeding Citations

You usually fear the worst when you are speeding along and seeing blue lights coming up fast behind you. You know, based on your current speed, there is a good chance that you will receive a speeding ticket. Once you get over the initial frustration of receiving the citation, it is easy to chuck it in your glovebox and forget it is there. Unfortunately, numerous problems can arise from this, resulting in you needing a traffic ticket attorney.

1. Called And Failed

When you receive a speeding ticket, there is usually a hearing date you are required to attend. Some localities will allow you to pay your ticket in advance and avoid this hearing.

Unfortunately, if you do not pay the ticket and if you nor your traffic attorney attends this hearing, your case will be marked called and failed. This notation means that the court called your case, and you or your attorney did not respond. The court will issue a Failure to Appear against you within the next few weeks.

2. Department of Motor Vehicle's Notification

Once the Failure to Appear is issued, the Department of Motor Vehicles receives a notification. The Department of Motor Vehicles can then suspend your driver's license. Your licenses may be suspended for a specific period or until you or your traffic court lawyer address the initial ticket and associated costs.

3. Additional Fines and Court Costs

There usually are fines associated with a speeding ticket. These fines typically include the cost of the citation and the cost of court. If you do not pay the initial costs of the ticket, the court can add on additional fines and court costs.

These costs quickly add up to quite a bit more than you would have initially paid. Failing to pay these fees can result in notification to the DMV and a revocation of your license. 

4. Driving School Ordered

Several ignored speeding tickets can result in numerous points on your driver's license. These accumulated points can result in the court ordering you to driving school. Not only will you be required to find time to attend class, but you will also be required to pay the associated costs of the program.

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer when you first receive your speeding citation can avoid these problems. The fee you pay them will be small compared to the cost of the programs.  

For more information, contact a local traffic attorney