What To Do If You Have Been Accused Of A Sex Crime

It can be startling to be falsely accused of a sex crime, but it is important to make sure that you are taking immediate action. Without taking the proper steps, you may have a very hard time walking away from this situation without a criminal record following you wherever you go. To ensue you are doing the best you can, you will want to make use of the following advice.

Document The Case

The very first thing that you are going to want to do after learning that you have been accused of a sex crime is to document everything that you can. If there is a particular night or relationship in question, you will need to write down all of the details, as you remember them, while they are still fresh in your mind. This will prove to be helpful for not only yourself, but your legal team, when it comes to recalling past events and details that lead up to what may have caused the alleged victim to make such statements about you.

Obtain The Best Legal Help You Can Afford

Even if you do not have a lot of money to spare, it is still imperative that you are seeking out the assistance of the best possible legal counsel. Whether you have to sell an extra vehicle, take out a loan, or make payment arrangements, you will want to be able to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney that has a lot of experience with sex crime accusations.

Start Writing Down A List Of Witnesses

There are a couple of different witnesses you will want to have questioned regarding this allegation. The most important witnesses would be anyone that was around at the time the alleged attack or crime was committed. Then there are character witnesses that can be called to testify on your behalf. Basically, they will testify to the court regarding the type of person you are and what your personal standing is within the community. This can help the jury and judge learn a little more about you as a person instead of just making assumptions about you from the testimony of the plaintiff.

Remember, even if you know that you are innocent, this is a very serious offense that you are being accused of. Therefore, you will not want to make the mistake of ignoring this in hopes that it will simply go away. You have to be extremely proactive, as your future is on the line.